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How to remove “New Folder.exe” from your computers…

New Folder.exe

New Folder.exe

Virus Infections

This virus affects your system by

  1. Disabling Task Manager
  2. Disabling Registry Editor
  3. Creates a startup entry to start upon system start and
  4. Creates its own exe files in Shared Documents folder which appear like ordinary folders.
  5. Disables Folder Options
  6. Uses your 50% or more processor

You can see that the folders in Shared Documents have an exe extension If you have unchecked Hide extensions for known file types in Folder Options

Download Link

Smart Virus Remover (889.9 KiB, 783,088 hits)

if you want to remove Manually this virus you can use Winrar (compression software) and can delete manually from all your folders and drives….

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How to Remove “New Folder.exe”